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Since opening in 1985, Diegueño has been honored on three different occasions as a prestigious California Distinguished School as well as a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School. Our focus is to meet the needs of each student by providing a safe, structured and academically focused environment. Each student will be provided with challenging curriculum, a collaborative learning environment as well as exposure to 21st Century learning.

We are proud of our school and our school community, as their support provides each student with the technology, curriculum and social development needed for a lifetime of learning.

At Diegueño Middle School, we inspire, engage and provide opportunities where students learn, teach, collaborate, reflect and are enriched through technology to ensure lifelong learning.

The History of Diegueño Middle SchoolTop of Page

With an original enrollment of 760 students, Diegueno Junior High School opened its doors in 1985 -- one week later than the rest of the District -- to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders of the Class of 1986.  (Students and staff had to make up the instructional minutes/days during Winter Break that year).  By the end of the first year, enrollment ballooned to over 900 students.  We lost our 9th graders and changed our name to Diegueno Middle School when La Costa Canyon High School opened their doors.
During construction, our "working name" was "Village Park Junior High" until a 1984 naming contest was held.  Of the submitted names, the District's panel of parents and administrators chose "Diegueno" to honor the Indian tribe of the same name who used to live in this area.  Then just before school started, the school colors of blue and gold, and the mascot of the "Cougar" were chosen.

Cougar Hall, the covered lunch area, the "K" building, and a few portables would complete construction by the end of 1987.  Lockers took up the area where the "B" building currently stands, there was a foods class with kitchens in the "G" building, the rooms had blackboards (not whiteboards), and the only technology in the room might be a film projector.  Lack of grass and trees made the grounds glare in the sun, and muddy in the rain.
My, how things change...