Counseling News & Resources

  • Level Changes: SDUHSD course add/drop guidelines (four-weeks at the beginning of each semester to address level changes in English and math). Level changes are dependent on class space/seat availability.  
  • Grades: Parents are encouraged to visit teacher websites and Aeries regularly with their student to monitor progress and to provide encouragement and support.
  • Academic support: If your student is regularly accessing supports on campus and is still struggling, please contact Laura Martin or Rebecca Vincent, counselors. 
  • Student involvement: A great way for your student to be connected on campus and meet other students with common interests is to attend any of our student led clubs on campus. HERE is the 2018-2019 Diegueño club list.
  • Student support: Contact counselors Laura Martin or Rebecca Vincent, if you have concerns about your child's transition to and/or experience in middle school. We have supports in place for academic help, and can help address personal/social/emotional concerns.
  • Grief group: SDUHSD has partnered with Elizabeth Hospice in providing grief counseling services for students who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Contact one of our counselors for more information.

  • SDUHSD's College and Career Scope and Sequence: College/Career Scope and Sequence.
  • Parent Resources: