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The California State Standards for Mathematics reflect the importance of focus, coherence, and rigor as the guiding principles for mathematics instruction and learning. California's implementation of these standards demonstrates a commitment to providing a world-class education for all students that supports college and career readiness as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fully participate in the twenty-first-century global economy. 

Resources for students and parents with links:

Tuesday 3:05-4:00 Room C5
Wednesday 7:00-7:25 and 8:00-8:25 Room C1
Wednesday 3:05-4:00
Teacher webpages are a great resource for notes, extra practice, upcoming important dates (project due dates, quizzes, tests...etc) see below:
 Name Classes Taught E-Mail Phone Ext.  Website
Mrs. Jodi Astorino  Math E-mail  6704  website 
Ms. Emily Coulter   Math/Intervention Coord. E-mail 6616 website
Mrs. Stephanie Lewis  Math E-mail  6654  website
Mr. Jason Moldovan  Math E-mail 6701 website
Mrs. Alison Oden  Math E-mail 6617 website
Mr. Jeffrey Tyler  Math E-mail  6653 website
Mr. Ryan Yee  Math  E-mail  6619 website