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Diegueño Middle School

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Practical Arts/CTE Computer Tech Electives

Welcome to the Practical Arts/CTE (Computer Technology Electives) Department
Computer technology opportunities are vibrant and diverse at Diegueño.  Whether you want to learn digital photography, video film, computer science, digital art or an exploration of various STEM themes, these electives offer fun and exciting connections to technology in today’s society and work force.  These courses are considered to be introductory career pathways that align with the high school CTE programs throughout the district.
Course Descriptions & Resource Links:
Advanced Multimedia/Video Film – (Pre-requisite: Multimedia Design, Year-long)*
Learn the principals of filming and video editing using state of the art equipment in this exciting and fast-paced program. In the Video/Film elective class students learn movie-making while using both Adobe Rush (with a phone app for use on smart phones) and Adobe Premiere professional editing software. In the year-long project-based class, students create a variety of short films. Some of the projects include:  Silent Films, Public Service Announcements, Commercials, Mini-Movies, Music Videos, Special Effects Projects, Animations and Documentaries.
Computer Programming and App Design – (Year-long elective)
This course provides students with an exploratory course in computer science as well as an introduction to programming language and logic. Students will be exposed to a variety of programming skills through design-based and project-based learning. 
Multimedia Design – (1 semester digital photography/1 semester computer animation in Year-long elective) 
Are you technically artistic? The art of digital photography, special effects and Adobe Photoshop are heavily explored. How about computer animation and comic book design?  Design your own Photoshop projects, short animations, cartoons and create your own comic book. This exciting course will teach you the basic graphic design concepts to create multimedia projects including web pages and presentation media with all of the latest Adobe CC software. 
STEM – (Year-long elective)
Dream, engineer, and build in both the virtual and real world.  Projects include: arcade game design and construction for simple and complex machines.  An assortment of powered cars, boats, planes, and rockets looking at transportation technologies, Rube Goldberg and marble mazes examining energy, musical instruments, hydraulics and pneumatics, architecture and design, Lego robotics, hot air balloons for density and buoyancy, electronics and circuits, and so much more.
 Name Classes Taught E-mail Google Classroom? Website 
 Ms. Maura Leonard   Multimedia Design/Advanced Mulitmedia/Design-Video Film E-mail   Yes  website
  Computer Programming and Applications       
Mrs. Erica Zug STEM E-mail   Yes  website
As teachers continue to revise their online/ distance learning presence, make sure to continue to check any and all websites (teacher or Google Classroom) that teachers may use for the most current information.