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Nicole Andrews
Megan Gaddi
Kellie Riese
Rachel Scherba
Kristin Strasser
Kristin Tompkins
Brett Williams
WORLD HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY                                                             Grade Level:  7
This course examines the political, social, cultural and economic developments around the world from approximately 500 A.D. through the 1700’s.  Students examine the history and cultures of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and medieval Europe through the Age of Enlightenment.   This course is the second in a World History sequence that began with the sixth grade Ancient Civilizations course and continues in the tenth grade course on the Modern World.
UNITED STATES HISTORY                                                                      Grade Level:  8
This course examines the political, economic and social developments in the United States from colonial times through 1914. Particular emphasis is placed on examining the political values on which our nation was based, as well as issues and events that affected their continued development.