Visual & Performing Arts

Welcome to the Department of Visual and Performing Arts!
Drama, Visual Arts, and Music are core subjects taught at Diegueño Middle School. Our programs offer a hands-on learning approach to unlock the creative potential of our students while encouraging curiosity, growth, and development of the artistic spirit.
Arts Department Goals Include:
  • Meet individual student needs (from beginner to artistically and musically experienced student).
  • Provide a student forum for expression of ideas and aesthetic reflection.
  • Provide a safe environment for creative exploration, practice, and refinement of artistic skills, and emerging collaboration and leadership.
  • Facilitate authentic performance and exhibition experiences for all students. 

Resources for Students and Parents:
National Arts Standards (2014)
Names  Classes Taught E-Mail Google Classroom?  Website 
Mrs. Kelly Casassa General Studio Art/Advanced Art  E-mail  Yes class instagram
Ms. Catherine Gold  Beginning Band/Concert Band  E-mail  Yes website 
Ms. Maura Leonard Intro to Drama/Advanced Drama E-mail   Yes website 
As teachers continue to revise their online/ distance learning presence, make sure to continue to check any and all websites (teacher or Google Classroom) that teachers may use for the most current information.