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Diegueño Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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About Mrs. Coy

I am married and have two children.  My daughter, Lauryn, is 12 and my son, Ian, is 27.  My husband is Mick and he also works for our district.  We have a cat, named Calvin, and a dog, named Misty.  We have traveled extensively west of the Rockies in our motorhome.  As a family we enjoy fishing and camping, and digging around in the dirt to find fossils, gemstones and meteorites.  I will frequently bring in new specimens for you to see.  I sew and make quilts - in fact I have a different one on display each month in the Media Center.
I enjoy reading, of course (why else would I have a career that surrounds me with books?).
I LOVE to talk books, I have been an avid reader since I learned how to read.  All genres interest me and I'm willing to take a risk and try something out of my comfort zone. Right now, for my own personal reading historical novels and non-fiction are my thing.  I've been able to double up on my reading because I listen audio books during my long drives back and forth to work!!   I usually use this time for YA and teen fiction.    A genre that I have been revisiting is the dystopian society.   The Hunger Games series was great but I'm not so crazy about the Uglies series. I just finished ENCLAVE by Ann Aguirre and am now listening to the sequel, OUTPOST.  Quite good. Check out the Books! page for some of my recommendations and those of my students!

Come in and share what you're reading to keep me current in the area of Teen/Young Adult books.  I thank you all for your recommendations. Last summer I made quite a dent in the list of books you all mentioned.  I have an extensive list for this summer, too.

I also LOVE to help kids with their projects and assignments.   I will be happy to guide you in your research and help you set up the information you need so that it is available to you at school AND on your various devices.  I am also happy to help you figure out how to cite the information you find, and create a "works cited" page for your research report.
I am an excellent "Project Planner" and I will show you how to be one, too.  I believe in reverse planning in order to plan ahead in order to avoid disaster and late assignments (does that make sense?). I am also very good at showing HOW to study for various kinds of tests.

One more thing, I am so happy to be part of the Diegueño family, I have been in the Media Center for two years - thank you for all your kindnesses and well-wishes, your support and friendship.

Go Diegueño

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