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For current 6th graders who will be 7th graders in 2016-17,
Information and to sign up for the IMRT testing, click link. 
            If you would like to continue receiving Diegueño's
           E-Option every Friday for the 2016-17 school year,
       please go to"Quick Links" below and provide information.         
 16-17 Cougar Camp
New Students to Diegueño
Please sign up under the date that you would like for your student to attend.
Wednesday, August 17th (8:30-12)
Thursday, August 18th (8:30-12)

Career Day is on April 11th (hosted through the science department).  ** We are looking for volunteer speakers to come and speak in all of our science classes about their career path and we welcome speakers from ALL sorts of different careers (not just science-related).  We love creative, interactive, props, demos, activities, and talks that get middle school students interested.  Power Points are great, but you don't want to lose your audience by talking AT them.  You should be able to fill a 20-30 minute time slot.

información sobre los exámenes en español

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