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Diegueño Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Welcome to Diegueño's Counseling Department!
We strive to ensure a safe and supportive environment in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for academic, personal/social and career development.  Our hope is that each student develop a love of learning, contribute positively to their school community and become responsible individuals.
  • Who is my school counselor?
    Mr. Brown and Mrs. Martin are the counselors here at Diegueño.  You will find them in the counseling office in the Administration building. 
  • A school counselor can help students by...
    Providing support and guidance when you have questions/concerns about your academics, or when you need to talk with a trusted adult about personal things that are going on at school or home.
 A few examples: "What classes should I take?"  "I need help in knowing how to improve my grades," "I'm nervous about talking with my teacher," "My friends and I are arguing and I can't focus in class because of it," "I'm feeling stressed about things going on at home," "I'm worried about my friend, they seem sad"
  • How do I see my school counselor?
    • Drop-in before school, at break, lunch and/or after school
    • If counselor is unavailable, you can fill out "Request to See Counselor" slip
    • Urgent matters: Ms.Woodard can assist in finding an adult on campus to help if counselor is unavailable
  • A school counselor can help parents address:
    • Academic achievement concerns
    • Personal/social/behavior concerns
    • Future academic planning 
    A few examples: "My son used to be excited about school but now he just doesn't seem to care," "My daughter seems to be the target of some teasing and bullying at school - can you help?" "I have seen changes in my child's behavior at home and I'm worried," "What level English/math should my child take in middle school?" "What can I do now to best prepare my child for high school?"
  • How to contact counselor:

Contact Information

Laura Martin 
School Counselor
760.944.1892 ext. 6608
Duncan Brown
School Counselor 
760.944.1892 ext. 6610
Wendy Woodard 
Registrar/Counseling secretary
760.944.1892 ext. 6604