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Diegueño Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
Staff Start

Computer Access

Important Info:

Important Info: is your "key to the kingdom" bookmark this site on all your devices.
Login - Your login is assigned at the beginning of the year, or whenever you start at Diegueño. It is the login you will use for EVERYTHING! You sign in with the following information:
  • Last Name - First Initial of your First Name - Last Four Digits of your School ID#
    • For example: If your name is John Doe and your ID# is 12345678, your login would be doej5678
  • When Creating a password, remember passwords are strongest when they are alpha-numeric and at least 6 characters, including letters and numbers. For example: sunflowers12
  • I recommend that you write down your ID# and password (oh, horrors!) on your birthday in your agenda.
To use the wireless at school on your personal device, just go to for instructions (see? there's that address again), or, I will be more than happy to help you. Use your same school login and password.


Accessible (here it is again) It's efficient, and your docs and calendars can be accessed anywhere from any device!! Need a great way to collaborate on a project with a partner or two? GoogleDocs is your answer. You can use GoogleDocs to send assignments back and forth from school to home and back again. Did you know you can also manage your assignments on a google calendar? This is the BEST way to work on your various school documents! Start by going to   Sign into Docs with your same school login. Mrs. Coy is more than happy to walk you through the process. Don't forget to name your document so it will be easier and faster to locate.
At school when you access your Google docs you must go through the Google icon on blue start page
From home you must go through to access your school stuff.
Come and see me if you are confused or not sure what to do!!!!
FYI:  When you just do File Save or ctrl S you are only saving on the particular computer you are using at that moment.  School computers get bogged down from all the different users and their documents, etc.  Soooooooooooo, the school computers are wiped clean every so often.  If you are not using GoogleDocs,  POOF! Your document will be gone!
Important Information About Printing:

Important Information About Printing:

The 5 computers that share the counter top with the printer in the Learning Commons are for printing only.  Chromebooks and Chromebases do not have the capability to print.  Again, at home use Google docs from the page and access your account at the 5 printer-capable computers when you need to print at school.
pcounter (Print counter) - At school you have a print limit for the printer in the Learning Commons.  At the beginning of the year you are given 100 copies.  You can check your balance at school by hovering over the small black dollar sign ($) on the far right of the task bar at the bottom of your screen.  If you find that you are running low on copies, see Mrs. Coy.
Need the link for Plato, Blackboard, or Aeries? Google Docs, or Teacher Web Pages?   
Bookmark (WOW! I just LOVE typing this address!!) you can find school-related links quickly and easily.